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FAP V1 – Vacuum Tube Pre-amplifier With 5.1 Channel Surround
                 Sound and Dolby Pro-Logic II

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360 View

The FAP-V1 vacuum tube surround sound processor is a limited edition, Jim Fosgate Signature series component.

This component is unique in that it is the only vacuum tube driven surround sound processor in the world, utilizing Dolby Pro Logic II, created by the legendary Jim Fosgate. The surround experience of DPL2 ranks as one of the industry’s finest accomplishments in the past 15 years.

Unique to the FAP-V1 is that it accepts any 2-channel stereo source and outputs 5.1 surround sound. This two channel stereo input can come from virtually any component, including a VCR, record player, CD player, DVD player, Satellite Receiver, or Cassette deck, and will output fantastic surround sound, making the unit a truly universal surround sound decoder.


Vacuum-tube based
Dolby Pro Logic II decoding
Center width adjustment
Bass Blend
Dimension control
Multiple inputs
Outputs (LF, CF, RF, LR, RR, Sub) Side
Outputs (LS, RS)
Clean simple control panel faceplate
7.1 Loop-Thru
Warranty Downloads
3 years (parts & labor, warranty does not
apply to Tubes)
Owner's Manual (PDF)

Specifications Processor

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